I was in a terrible car accident and then a smaller car accident. I had major problems with my back and neck. I switched Dr’s, because I wasn’t getting relief from my pain. Dr. Bravard used a gentle approach and electric stim. on my back. It was amazing after 2 months of treatment I’m feeling almost 100%. She has really helped me and it is obvious that she cares a lot about her patients. I recommend her to everyone I know.Stephanie AmesHi my name is Catherine I’m 13 and have been in treatment with Dr. Bravard for only a month but she is a great chiropractor. I used to have horrible lower back pain but now she has cleared that up for me. I would recommend Dr. Bravard to anyone who suffers from neck or back pain because after a few appointments you will be as good as new.Catherine C.
S. AmesI ended up with a herniated disc in between my shoulder blades in February of 2006. Since then I’ve learned that there isn’t really a good spot on the body to get a herniated disc. However, mine can affect the mobility of my entire upper body (i.e. head, neck, shoulders and both arms). For about 2 ½ years I would deal with a flare up on rare occasions and it would basically immobilize me. I would be confined to laying down and constantly changing positions to find one that was comfortable so I could sleep a couple of hours at a time. Finally my mom referred me to the QC Spine Clinic. After my consult and report of findings we, (myself and Dr. Bravard) chose a course of treatment that allowed me to avoid having to keep going back to my family doctor. After all, the only thing he could do for me was prescribe pain medications and muscle relaxants which make it even harder to function normally in some cases. Thanks to the team here at QCSC I am able to practice some preventative maintenance and healthy treatments that keep me out of bed and out of the pharmacy. Thanks for everything all of you have done for me!

Bill Faulkner

My experience at Q.C. Spine Clinic has been very positive. When I started coming to the clinic I was having sharp pains in my lower back and hip going down my left leg. After the electric stimulation and treatments, my pain and discomfort are much less. Dr. Bravard has done an excellent job of helping me to get better and feel better. I would highly recommend the Q.C. Spine Clinic, they have done an excellent job.

Steve Krause

My name is Kim Legeness. I’ve been coming to Quad City Spine Clinic since January 2009. I have a degenerative spine disease, degenerative disc disease and arthritis in my back. The pain at times was completely debilitating and at times had to walk with a cane or a walker. I’ve been with Dr. Bravard regularly, 1-3 times a week and I am now pain free! My life is back in full swing and I’m going strong again. I really look forward to my visits, all the staff are so friendly and Dr. Bravard is so caring and so compassionate. They’ve all made such a drastic difference in my life, and regular chiropractic care has improved my overall health significantly.

Kimberly A. Legeness

When I first came to Quad City Spine Clinic I was having multiple problems and difficulty walking and sitting. It’s amazing how much better I feel and how much more I can do.